We have put together a definitive guide with four simple steps so you can find your ideal health insurance.

1. Define your needs

The first step to finding your ideal health insurance is to identify your needs, and then focus your research on just what you need.

Before you start to inform yourself and make certain decisions, it is essential that you identify your main needs

To know what you need and what to look for in health insurance , we recommend you answer these questions:

  • Are you the only one who is going to benefit from the plan or are you several people?
  • Do you have or do you plan to have children? This will tell you if you can benefit from discounts and the frequency of use.
  • Do you have (or does any member of your family have) specific health requirements?
  • Do you travel often?
  • What have your (or your family’s) health expenses been in recent years and how often have you needed assistance?
  • Do you consider it important or do you foresee that access to hospital services will be necessary?
  • Do you have a preferred center or doctor in any specialty? (gynecologist, pediatrician, general medicine)

The answers to these questions should help you guide your search. Therefore, it is important that you analyze them carefully, at least in this first phase. Later, most companies put at the disposal of the customer insurance consultant, with which to tell the time to know, and hire (either health, home, travel, car, etc. – can check here our wide Catalogue-.). As they say, [su_quote] no one knows you better than you. [/ Su_quote] After defining your needs, the next step is to investigate what health insurance can really offer you in order to choose the most suitable one for you.

2. Research what health insurance can offer you

Knowing what health insurance can offer you, in general, helps you to be critical of the different options on the market.

Broadly speaking, these are the aspects that must be taken into account when evaluating health insurance.

  • Centers and doctors at your disposal, as well as the possibility of choosing the one that you like the most.
  • Preventive coverage such as gynecological, urology and cardiology check-ups.
  • Primary medicine and direct access to specialists.
  • Emergency centers available and home help service.
  • Comfort, speed and accessibility to services.
  • Flexibility in schedules.
  • Type of tests, interventions, treatments and hospitalization included.
  • Special services such as those offered during pregnancy (routine laboratory tests or tests such as the Triple Screening or the EBA Screening).
  • Offer oriented to physical and emotional well-being, tranquility and care for people: dental insurance, psychology, nutritional guidance, assistance abroad, etc.
  • Quality and agility in assistance and administrative management.

These 10 points will help you assess the quality of the different health insurances that you come across. And thus orient your search towards those that meet your needs, complying with minimum requirements.

3. Compare and choose

To choose your ideal health insurance, in addition to identifying your needs and having some knowledge about what medical insurance can offer you, you have to take into account a series of aspects that determine the offer of private mutuals. To learn more about them, click here or on the title of this section. These elements are what determine the rates and the conditions to which the different health insurances that you have selected are subject. They also have a direct influence on the quality and comfort of the insurance in relation to customer requirements. On the other hand, in the insurance market, specific terminology is usually used to refer to these aspects. Therefore, we have prepared a list for you with the 10 keywords to know about health insurance. Taking all this into account, it is time to make the selection of your options and choose the five best.

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