What is a cancellation check?

A canceled check is a check paid or cleared by the bank it was drawn to after your money has been deposited or deposited. The check is canceled after use or payment so that it cannot be used again.

A writer can also cancel a check before it is deposited or returned by notifying the issuing bank, thereby voiding the check.

Key takeaways

  • A canceled check is one that has been cleared by exchange or deposit, the check is voided and voided for subsequent transactions and cannot be reused.
  • A canceled check indicates that the settlement process is complete, so canceled checks can be used as proof of payment.
  • Your issuer can also cancel a check before issuing it by notifying the issuing bank.

Understanding canceled checks

A canceled check was cleared after going through a check settlement process. The check is canceled when the money has been withdrawn from the bank where the check was written or from the drawee. The payee is the person who writes the check and the payee’s bank receives the deposit. The canceled check process includes the following:

  • The payee, or the person writing the check, signs the back of the check.
  • The check is deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account.
  • The beneficiary’s bank notifies the draft bank and the transaction goes through the Federal Reserve Bank’s system.
  • The bank of the draft (or the bank from which the check was issued) pays the funds to the payee’s bank if there is enough money in the payer’s account.
  • The beneficiary’s bank deposits the cash or “makes” the funds available to the depository for withdrawal.

Today, almost all checks are cleared through the Federal Reserve Electronic Banking System even in cases where the deposit is a paper check. The check deposit and settlement process is still in progress, but the paper check never leaves the facility where it was deposited.

Instead, a special scanner creates a digital view of the front and back of the check, which it sends to the other bank. When the check clears the account of the payer or the person who issued it, it will be considered canceled. In short, a canceled check means that the authorization process is complete and the check cannot be reused. As a result, canceled checks can be used as proof of payment.

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