Loan types, modalities and terms

Ordinary Loan

It allows the consultation in the room or the loan at home of the funds of each library.

The following types of general funds are established:

  • Materials excluded from loan (only consultation in room)
  • Short loan materials
  • Long loan materials
  • Non-bibliographic materials to support teaching and learning

Intercampus and Interlibrary Loan

The intercampus loan allows you to consult materials located in other UCLM libraries. Users will be able to request these materials through the library’s Document Access services. All library materials without exception can be requested on intercampus loan. It is a free service.

The interlibrary loan makes it possible to have bibliographic materials located in libraries outside the UCLM, as well as the supply of materials from the University Library to other libraries. The Document Access services will inform, where appropriate, of the costs that the service entails, costs that the user who requests it must bear

There are two types of loan:

  1. Loan in room: allows the consultation of all the materials within the library facilities. There are funds excluded from loan, either because of their use (reference works in general), or because of their uniqueness or value. This type of funds may be consulted in the room. 
  2. Home loan: allows the withdrawal of bibliographic and non-bibliographic materials from the Library under the conditions and deadlines established in these regulations.

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