You sign: the most intuitive online signature on the market also arrives in Italy.

The digitization of SMEs is now a necessity, an objective that Italy, like other countries, must achieve as soon as possible to keep up with the times. To face this epochal challenge, Your sign arrives in Italy. The startup has a great goal: to digitize 15 million documents by 2023, discovering the advantages of the electronic signature.

Your sign thus brings to Italy an intuitive electronic signature service designed for Italian small and medium-sized enterprises that want to pass their contracts on the cloud. To better meet the great challenge that arises in the coming months, You sign, in June 2021, announced a capital increase of 30 million, led by the American fund Lead Edge Capital, which has invested from the beginning in companies such as Spotify, Blablacar and Uber.

But what services do You sign offer? How can it help our country’s digitization process? Let’s get to know more about what the SaaS service offered by Yousign consists of.

How does the Yousign signature service work?

The electronic signature will be an important component in the digital revolution, and to be able to respond to the new needs of the market, You sign focuses on Italy, offering a service that allows in a few clicks to certify and dematerialize documents, proposing an intuitive and fast way to make sign remotely, without the use of any physical device such as smart cards or USB sticks.

The platform is available in a turnkey cloud App version and through API integration in its management systems. It allows you to have a solution for signing both in its simplest form (OTP), responding to basic needs, and its more complex version (remote identity recognition). The advanced electronic signature version offers the possibility to respond in an ideal way even to the most important transactions and agreements, such as insurance or financial ones. Both cloud solutions (App, API) are very secure. The signing process is certified through strong authentication (OTP code), with guaranteed integrity and thanks to a time-stamped test dossier generated and stored in automatic mode for each document.

The You sign signature service guarantees a 100% secure signature thanks to an eIDAS certified solution that allows you to affix a valid signature legally recognized throughout the European Union. This solution also gives the possibility to save time since it is possible to automate the process of collecting signatures utilizing automatic reminders that do not require any human intervention.

The application is also easy to use and allows, with its very intuitive interface, to manage all your documents in a completely safe way in just a few steps. Your sign also allows you to manage roles, adapting workflows to the needs of the team and the company to meet all needs best.

Through the App interface, it will also be possible to have a clear picture of all documents and know the progress of each case. This section will be possible to see if the document has been signed and scheduled or still in progress—a way to always have your contracts under control and avoid unnecessary waste of time and administrative costs.

The signature can also be affixed from any device, and it will be possible to insert it in the basic mode by dragging a cursor in the app to sign everything in no time. With You sign, you will be able to manage work, rental or sales contracts in a few clicks, optimize time and always have a legal cloud tool to affix your signature.

Your sign will offer an electronic signature software particularly suitable for companies in the Insurance, Real Estate, Human Resources sectors that have to manage many documents and contracts simultaneously.

A solution that can also be tested for free for the first 14 days.

Try You sign for free and scan remote signing of documents with one click.

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