What to do when your mobile is stolen?

Today mobile phones have become so important that we can no longer live without them. In addition to being an extraordinary communication instrument, it is also a device where we store tremendously valuable information, both to organize our daily routine and to save images, music, access to social networks, bank details, etc. 
It could be said that smartphones are currently one more appendix of our body and that the damage that occurs in case of loss or theft is incalculable. Therefore, we tell you some recommendations that will help you know what to do when your mobile is stolen . Although in a high percentage it is not possible to recover the device, with these tips you can minimize the consequences of the theft. 

How to locate a stolen mobile? 

Whether the phone is Android or iPhone, there are different online tools that allow you to track your location and report the exact point where you are. 
In the case of an Android device, Google offers users the Android Device Manager page through which it is possible to locate the point where the mobile is located. In addition, it also includes other options to make the phone ring for 5 minutes even if it is silent, lock the device or erase all its content. 
If the mobile is an iPhone, Apple offers a similar tool to find a stolen mobile . Through the “Find my iPhone” functionality that is available from iOS 9 version, it is possible to perform the same functions. To enable the location you just have to go to Settings, iCloud, Find my iPhone, and in the event that the mobile is lost, the necessary procedures can be carried out through the Internet, accessing icloud.com and entering the data of the Apple ID and password. 

What else to do when your mobile is stolen? 

  • Contact the mobile operator to block the SIM card. The fact that the device has been blocked or formatted does not mean that it is not possible to continue making calls with the phone number or sending SMS. For this reason, it is necessary to block the line as soon as possible, either by calling by phone, through the company’s customer area or by going to the nearest store. 
  • In the event that you have not been able to locate the mobile through Google or Apple tools, the telephone company can also lock the device as long as the IMEI number of the phone is requested and offered. 
  • Go to a police station to report what happened. Although it is very difficult for the device to recover, it is always advisable to file a complaint. In addition to providing all the information on how the theft occurred, it is also necessary to carry the IMEI number of the mobile because the agents will request it to identify the device. 
  • Get a duplicate of the SIM card to put it in a new phone and be connected to the same line again. This management is very simple and does not take too long, since you simply have to go to a point of sale of the operator and pay a small amount of money that oscillates around 5 euros.
  • If you have home insurance with theft coverage, you can contact the insurance company to arrange compensation for the damages arising from the situation. 

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