How Are 3BHK Flats Better Than 2 BHK Flats in Hyderabad?

Are you looking for flats in Hyderabad? Are you confused about the sizes and price of the flats? No need to be worried. Go through this article to clear all of your doubts. There are some factors by which one can differentiate the various flat sizes.

You must have a good and proper plan for buying flats. Do not change your mindset at every interval. Firstly, you should decide what you need? If you need 2 BHK then invest there but if you have a big family then you should go for 3 BHK. Choose the flats according to your budget.

The most important thing while choosing a flat is research. You must research before selecting a flat for you. Firstly, make your budget plan then go according to your lifestyle. If only two members have to live in the flat then 2 BHK is enough but if you have more members in your family then you should go for 3 BHK or others more than 3. This will depend on the number of members in your family.

Nowadays, everyone should need more space where they can live comfortably. A Comfort zone is something where your mind can feel free or comfortable. Living in a congested place can worry you all time.

In Gachibowli of Hyderabad, there are available all types of flats at different ranges and facilities. Although, mostly 3 BHK are constructed with all modern technologies and outstanding amenities that are needed for everybody who lives in flats.

Everybody has different choices like some need a flat near the road, railway station, mall, etc. But on the other side, there are also a few people who do not want to live roadside owing to noise pollution. So it depends upon the customers or buyers that where they want to live. You must choose according to your affordability.

Come to the reasons why 3 BHK flats are better than 2 BHK flats in Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

More Spacious

3 BHK Flats in Gachibowli have more space than 2 BHK flats. In apartments, everybody needs spacious flats. If you go for 3 BHK then if any guests come to the home everybody can adjust because there will be more space. Additional space is better for an extended family rather than a guest room. In the case of 2 BHK, you are not going to get enough space as you get in 2 BHk.


Many buyers have a wrong perception of price details as they think that 3 BHK flats are more expensive than 2 BHK flats. There is a very slight difference in the price of flats. 3 BHK flats have higher prices than 2 BHK but that difference is just 20 to 30 % only. If one invests for 2 BHK then if they can invest a little more they should opt for 3 BHK.

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Space Factor

A flat needs some blank places which increase the beauty of your home. A spacious home looks more beautiful than a congested one. You are not going to get additional space in 2 BHK Flats in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. If any bachelor lives in 3 BHK flats and they need an office then they can make one of their extra rooms as an office. So, it can be said that additional space is very important. If anyone pets a dog then 3 BHK is the best option for that person.

Good Prospects

Gachibowli of Hyderabad has several 3 BHK flats in prime areas. If you want to live like a royal then you can live in those good locations of Hyderabad. You may feel regret if you choose 2 BHK flats. You will need more space if your family members increase in the future. Wise men always opt for 3 BHK because a little more investment as compared to 2 BHK, 3 BHK is the best in all ways.

Effective Cost

In Gachibowli of Hyderabad, one can get several 3 BHK flats at an affordable price. If you buy it from real estate then you are going to get several facilities as per your requirement. If your budget is low then you can buy it on loan. Loan agencies in Hyderabad always provide loans to customers for bigger flats. So, owing to affordable cost one should opt for 3 BHK in Gachibowli.


Summing up it can be said that 3 BHK flats are the better choice than 2 BHK flats in Hyderabad. Above all points are clear about the choice of 3 BHK flats. So if you are looking for flats in Hyderabad then opt for 3 BHK flats rather than 2 BHK flats. You can select it based on location, budget, space, economy, etc. Before opting to research the best.

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