Why Cover Letter is Known as Sales Letter

A cover letter allows you to prove your worth as an employee uniquely and creatively. And when done correctly, it can be invaluable in helping you secure the job that you want. However, you might not realize just how much goes into creating the perfect cover letter, which can make all the difference between getting hired or not. Let’s take a look at why cover letters are known as sales letters and how to create one that stands out from the rest of the competition.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a persuasive sales letter that accompanies your resume. It helps you get an interview. Your resume doesn’t have time to tell a hiring manager why you deserve an interview; your cover letter does. Specifically, a great cover letter grabs hiring managers by their interests and doesn’t let go until they are interested in interviewing you. So, what do they want? They want to learn more about how your skills and experience align with their job opening and what specific value you will bring to their company if hired. When you can tell them exactly how you will be valuable from day one, then and only then are they going to spend precious time talking with you further to fill out their team.

How Does a Cover Letter Look Like?

A cover letter looks like a sales letter. In both cases, there is a goal in mind, and every decision made in crafting it centers around that goal. For example, let’s say your goal for your cover letter is to get an interview.

What Makes a Good Cover Letter?

A good cover letter will reflect how you came across it in your resume. It should demonstrate A clear understanding of what they do and what their company does. The desire to work for them specifically; not just any job. Respect for their time, by tailoring it to their needs and keeping it short (think less than 300 words). An engaging style that is professional but warm and friendly—this isn’t an academic paper! That you’re a good match with what they do, either through skills or experience or both. The best way to create a great cover letter is to get the best cover letter services. This will eliminate all errors in your cover letter.

Best Cover Letter Example

Although cover letters are used in sales, they are not quite like sales letters. While sales letters usually entail trying to convince a customer to buy a particular product or service that they aren’t necessarily interested in, cover letters have different goals. Instead of attempting to get an employer interested in an employee, cover letters help that employee sell him- or herself. That means cover letter examples should be geared towards selling your skills and experience instead of pressuring a potential employer into giving you an interview. Still, think that’s too much like sales? What about email subject lines? We send emails every day with messages we hope will convince recipients to open and read them.

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